Compliance Testing & Solutions for Underground Storage Tank Systems


Welcome to Tanknology  NG

In the ongoing battle to reduce environmental risk, the owner of an underground storage tank (UST) has one extremely important tool: testing. Whether testing for a suspected leak, environmental compliance, purchase, or sale of property, Tanknology Nigeria can test your entire UST system – including tanks, lines, and leak detectors - and ensure accurate results using our SureTest™ tank testing methods, all with minimal disruption to your business. Our nationwide fleet of testing vehicles carry commonly used replacement parts, allowing technicians to perform minor maintenance on the spot and eliminating the need to call another service provider.

Why should tanks be tested?

Cost: Leaking tanks can cause product or inventory loss. A pin-hole in a tank can cause your company thousands

Environmental Impact: Leaking tanks contaminate soil and ground water with lasting effects, causing health problems and damaging the fauna and flora.

Regulatory Compliance: Leaking tanks infringe on Government regulations & laws.

Hazards: Leaking tanks can cause fires and explosions that may result in tragic deaths.

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